Datamate Infosolutions: Enhancing The Customer Experience For Hospitality Industry

CIO Vendor The paper-based approach of business management became notoriously difficult to maintain and review, withal costing the companies the time and money. The approach culminated unsynchronized data and miscommunication between departments and teams, and there was an increasing amount of data that impede growth. That is when the companies began shifting towards automation. An automation solution can augment human efforts. This change of processes from people to technology has the potential to redesign the way works get done within an organization. Simple automation of processes can eliminate errors and perform transactional work in a fraction of time than it takes with humans.

Datamate Infosolutions (P) Ltd, rated among the top 100 corporates in Kerala, is one such company that induces automation goals in the hospitality sector. In 25 years of their business, the company has helped 400 plus hotels to automate their business processes. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC), Uday Samudra Beach Resorts, Vythiri Resorts, Dhahran Tower – Saudi Arabia, Paragon Restaurant Group, etc. are just few hotel brands that are using the Datamate’s Hotel Management System to manage their operations.

“For the last 15 years, Datamate has been the supporter and ERP provider for KTDC. KTDC runs on profit and is efficient in its operation. For all these, I am personally thankful to Datamate and its product Hotsoft. They customized the software to suit our requirements. We could sustain only because of technology and before 15 years, there were not many players. Datamate stood as a backbone for us,” Mr. Rahul R. Pillai IRS, Managing Director – KTDC said during Datamate’s Silver Jubilee celebration.

Hotsoft is a fully customizable tool that simplifies and streamlines the administration, marketing, and financial management of the hotels. It offers a central reservation system with a payment gateway to enhance the customer experience. It can be deployed in any environment starting from a single property with just a front office to a full-fledged hotel with various departments like sales and marketing, F&B management, revenue management, quality management, back office and materials management.

Intelligent Automation
“In India, most of our clients are still new to the potential of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. We want to empower our clients to offer new experiences to the end users through these emerging technologies to deliver new business value,” Jobi John, Managing Director of Datamate, said. When he agrees to the potential of new age technology, he also admits that there are factors that cease the companies from leveraging the benefits of it. “Dealing with the rapid technology advancements, modernizing the assets, and incorporating the new system, are slower and tedious for any company. There must be a willingness to embrace the process of disruption from all stakeholders of the company.
The companies have to upskill the resources. Management has to build a line of the agile workforce comprising of quick learners,” he said.

Expectations of hospitality are mostly centred around value addition, experience enhancement, and dissatisfaction reduction. “When clients come with their expectations and needs, we identify the initiatives that uniquely improve our customers’ experience and focus on delivering those initiatives that will make a significant impact on their goals. We are conscious that our products impact the lives of millions of travellers across the world,” Jobi John added.

Hotsoft is a fully customizable tool that simplifies and streamlines the administration, marketing, and financial management of the hotels

Datamate positions itself as a ‘purpose-led solution provider engaged in designing, developing and implementing software business solutions and services for hospitality and healthcare segments. Besides the products for hospitality, the company also has comprehensive ERP solutions for hospitals. The company’s healthcare products – Mediware Hospital Information System (HIS) and Ellíder Advanced HIS -- are used by more than 30,000 plus users and 2900 plus doctors. The healthcare software handles more than 10 million patient records and manages 40,000 outpatients and 15,000 inpatients data every day.

Harnessing the ubiquity of the world wide web, power of the cloud and the latest advancements in business intelligence and mobility, Datamate has product extensions besides their main products including mobile applications, Business Intelligence, cloud solutions, and Primato Human Resources Management solutions for hotels and hospitals.

Datamate, having its client base across eight countries, recorded client retention of 99.71 percent in the hospitality industry in the FY 2018-19. Datamate’s expertise in managing the constant adaptation of products to suit the continually changing business process and objectives is a chief driver for such a high retention rate. Nearly 100 among the 400 plus clients in hospitality have migrated to Datamate’s products from its competitors.

Mobile Integration is Reshaping the Future
Currently, Datamate’s tablet-based Point of Sales is gaining traction in the hospitality market with many small-scale restaurants, and cafés prefering tablets for taking orders. Mobile applications for hoteliers are another sales segment that is gaining pace. “Our biggest success story to mention this year is the roll-out of Tablet POS solution for Paragon Groups. We are centralizing the Paragon Restaurant Chain spread in India and Dubai, and many Paragon outlets are using our POS solution for service delivery. Paragon’s project is our largest volume of implementation. Besides, we already achieved 50 plus new clients in the FY 2018-19,” Jobi John concluded.