CSR Global : Corporate Travel Accommodations with Comprehensive Travel Solutions

CIO Vendor The travel technology market is rapidly evolving with advancing technologies. The new trend in travelling in India includes everything from virtual reality tours and drone photography to artificial intelligence. Travel is essential to running a successful business. As companies grow in size, it is difficult for them to handle the business travel accommodations as they have to focus on their core business processes. Travel is typically a company’s third largest expense after its rent and salaries. Since the traditional GDS (Global Distribution System) based booking is not cost effective, companies are looking for other options for their corporate accommodation needs and this is where the travel solution providers come into play. While it is difficult to find an all-encompassing solution that addresses each and every concern of corporate travel accommodation, CSR Global- a Hyderabad based travel solutions company offers comprehensive travel solutions with its innovative and all-in-one travel app - Travel Assist.
Travel Assist, an incredible mobile app allows travelers to access all the travel related information and documents through its paperless travel feature. The Directions section is designed by integrating maps for a convenient travel experience and the Etiquette tips section provides country based etiquette guides. Travelling to new places may be adventurous but at times it can bring unpleasant surprises too. So, in order to avoid such undesired situations, Travel Assist has wonderful features such as Places and Emergency Information. These sections comprise a comprehensive list of location-specific information on ATMs, police stations, banks, restaurants, hospitals and the Indian Embassy.
CSR was founded in 2007, by Abdus Saleem and it was the first company to introduce a technology-based comprehensive travel solution in India. The company’s disruptive travel technology platform is structured, simplified and secured. It is completely owned and managed by the largest in-house technology team which makes CSR an expert in the corporate travel accommodation sector. Enterprises do not have adequate data on travel accommodation spend and as a result, they are missing the opportunities on taking any data-driven decisions. CSR’s extensive database of accommodation options is a solution to this as the database is available at competitive prices and is not affected by the season; also the prices are lower when compared to the other options.

Travel Assist, an incredible mobile app allows travelers to access all the travel related information and documents through its paperless travel feature

The traditional booking processes are manual, time-consuming and not automated. Therefore, it requires longer TAT. CSR’s ABT (Automated Booking Tool) and SBT (Self Booking Tool) ensure traveller convenience while providing travel information at their fingertips. The EMS (Email Management System) manages and automates the communications between the traveller and travel desk for a hassle-free travel experience. The CSR team is a combination of deep travel domain and worldclass information technology experts. They have proved their mettle by delivering great outcomes consistently to some of the largest enterprises across industries. CSR’s key focus is in making the CAMS (Customized Accommodation Management Solutions) and the TRAFORM (Travel Transformed) platforms into next-generation platforms with AI, making the user experience touch-less.