WINHMS - Dictating Perfectionism In Hospitality Sector Powered By Technology

CIO Vendor The hospitality sector needs absolute perfectionism requiring coordination of departments and operations. Surely this need requires reduced or no human error. The degree of perfection and connecting to customer in person dictates all the difference between an Ultra-modern hotel and just a hotel. And perfection in this industry needs intelligent software solutions which seamlessly integrate both front and back office operations. With 17 years of long experi-ence, WINHMS spearheads this industry of providing perfectly tailored software solutions. A neural network of solutions powered by On-premise and Cloud technology, Mobile Apps and Centralized Solutions for Reservations, Procurement and MIS, these software solutions unify, categorize, and eliminate data loss and errors plugging multiple systems of different vendors-critical in the hospitality sector.

Enhancing Service With Integration
The key factor in integration is forming a ‘common’ guest profile spanning all guest interface points that provides edge to enhance the service sector. WINHMS solution addresses the need of connecting individual properties to the corporate office unifying Front Office, POS and Back Office operations with a combination of on-premise and cloud solutions, which covers complete hotel operations in a single vendor solution. The various solutions like Central Reservations, Web-based MIS Dashboards seamlessly interconnect and consolidated accounts, control material, present data, showcase room positions and banquet availability across all group hotels. The MIS and Budgeting module enables hoteliers to track actual progress against operational budgets with various in-depth analysis. Departmental P and L is one of the key features provided which when utilized effectively tracks profitability departmental wise. For groups one can view company-wise profitability as well.
A major target segment is a need to streamline operations across all departments in a unified solution. And WINHMS has won battles with it in defining the success stories in diverse conglomerates in Mauritius-Rogers. Headquartered in Chennai with offices in UAE & Australia and representation in 20+ other countries; WINHMS strikes the contrast by practically implementing the golden rule of business that -flexibility and uniqueness is the key. And therefore, many groups such as Veranda Leisure and Hospitality (VLH) have used WINHMS, which is a single vendor solution featuring Central Reservations, Cross Posting, Central Procurement and Consolidated Accounts. WINHMS provided a more personalized boutique experience to the client. This successful group model has secured multi-property groups in Maldives, Egypt, UAE and India as well.

WINHMS solution addresses the need of connecting individual properties to the corporate office unifying Front Office, POS and Back Office operations

Time Tested, Versatility And Future Vision-Signs Of Experts
One might have the best technical solutions in the world, yet if future proof solutions are not considered, the existence ceases. Hence, owing to the attractive proposition coming from the burgeoning online audience, WINHMS with the launch of apps is all set to address this challenge. In versatile hospitality solution industry, only time tested and flexible solutions can win the race. And drawing experience from existing 1350 plus clients, WINHMS is seeking to push the boundaries of technology to integrate technology with hospitality sector. In coming times, this merger will see rapid strengthening of recognizing customer DNA and with that, the smart integration of hospitality operations through technology.