BookingJini: Empowering Hotels with Intelligent Online Booking Engine

CIO Vendor In 2016, when Sibasish Mishra, CEO BookingJini, and the team collaborated with a state government tourism department, with solutions and services that optimized the booking and associated operations of a number of hotels under its portfolio, the department's revenues shot up from over 30 lakhs a year to an astounding 2 crores. "This was the defining moment for us. And I thought, if we could take this further and engage with hotel and channel partners, we could significantly add to their revenue and customer experience," says Mishra. And thus, the foundation of BookingJini was laid.

Currently, the hospitality and hotel industry of India is approaching a turnover of USD 13 million by 2020, providing players in the segment with massive scope for growth. BookingJini aims to empower hotels to seize every such opportunity and boost productivity with cutting edge technologies. However, while the search for hotels in Google has doubled over the years and have grown over 30 times on mobile, only a mere 30% of online users have been found to book online. Identifying mistrust and lack of personal touch as the critical challenges, the team at BookingJini is working to fill the gap with customer centric solutions. The company's flagship product iBooking engine is a reflection of the same. A first of its kind intelligent booking engine, iBooking engine enables customers to directly book rooms on the hotel website. Enhancing revenues by 40%, this SaaS based solution leverages the power of machine learning to not only enhance conversions but it also tracks customer behavior to provide hotels with valuable insights while optimizing and customizing the website to meet the preferences of every unique customer.

Channel Manager is a yet another robust solution that enables hoteliers to manage various OTA accounts from a single dashboard. The solution
increases the room visibility by a staggering 200 percent while ensuring that no rooms are over/under booked. Further, providing guests and hotel managers with a convenience at their fingertips is the stunning application SnapApp which ushers a smart hotel environment. Available in two versions one customer facing and another for hoteliers, the mobile app gets installed right away when a guest books an accommodation in the hotel. Right from checking in and out, guests can leverage the application to access all hotel amenities like food, access coupons and facilities such as spa or dinners along with cab services via OLA/Uber. Enhancing viewer engagement by 70 percent and conversations by 30 percent, BookingJini also provides an AI powered Chatbot LISA(Lexical Integrated Syntax Analyzer) which is a value add for any hotel's app/website.

Identifying mistrust and lack of personal touch as the critical challenges, the team at BookingJini is working to fill the gap with customer centric solutions

Standing true to its name, BookingJini is here to grant hotels all their wishes, navigating them through all the challenges and setting them on the course of success. The company's portfolio of user friendly solutions along with services such as Digital marketing and Reputation management enhances every aspect of hospitality. Security and data privacy is yet another area of focus at BookingJini. The company also boasts of a 24X7 support team that consistently assists customers. Meeting the end-to-end requirements of hotels, BookingJini today is strengthened by an enviable list of over 700 clients and a team of over 25 young and driven individuals. Marching ahead, the company plans to remain focused to establish its product as the standard operating system for hotels.