Atyulyam Hotelline solutions - Rescaling Hospitality Sector with a Seamless Blend of Guest Managemen

CIO Vendor The present-day hospitality industry is more competitive than ever before. A lot of mid-size and budget hotels have mushroomed, offering consumers a variety to make choices as per their needs. In a scenario like this, the existing and new hotels alike need to be innovative, modern and technologically sound to attract guest. This is where Atulyam Hotelline products and services help its clients in hotel business in organizing their activities. The company’s products offer a range of features which are helpful in seamless management. With a variety of software dealing in management of hotel property, online reservations and bookings, and POS (Point of Sale), the products are designed keeping in mind the need of today’s hospitality sector. Atulyam Hotelline is successfully addressing the demand of technology in various segments of hotel management. This insight dictates the designing of Atulyam software.

Maximizing revenue with integrated solutions
Atulyam Hotelline solutions have created a robust Channel Management Solution that efficiently manages to align booking channels to hotels. PMS is also integrated with other external major channel managers. This integration has benefitted many prestigious clients to maximize their revenue. Solutions like front desk management is integrated with useful features like alerts for wakeup calls, pick up and drop, guest history management through mobile apps. Packages synchronization as well as special corporate rates and linking rooms with POS facilities are integral features of Atulyam Hotelline’s solution. Dynamic booking engine solves the seamless reservation needs of hotels. Seamless integrated android and IOS app allows hotel to get real time notifications and guest request for room cleaning and checkout respectively.
Hotels had been facing difficulties in assigning shifts previously and taking note of that an integrated feature is designed to eliminate the shift confusion among employees. The managers can schedule shifts in advance. Moreover, reminders too can be set to make it 100 percent sure that every employee in the organization is aware of their assignments. The purpose of automation of any manual activity is to save time and effort. Hence, the software offers real time notifications to the housekeeping in regard to check-in, check-out and cleaning updates for better services to the guests. To reduce the burden from management of handling multiple restaurants, Atulyam Hotelline has devised ‘Multiple Restaurant Management’ from a single dashboard which allows the owner and managers of the restaurant to know the process of other units, from any remote place. Similarly, KIOSK, Digital Table Menu, Loyalty rewards point management, all features are integrated in a single software to ease out the difficulties in handling multiple outlets.

To reduce the burden from management of handling multiple restaurants, Atulyam Hotelline has devised ‘Multiple Restaurant Management’ from a single dashboard

Extending the future in hospitality sector
Today’s generation where automation is on its peak with its latest technology, the technological outreach has extended. Atulyam Hotelline allows clients to access their organizational process from remote locations, where internet connectivity is unavailable. While rescaling the outreach further with ‘User Friendly’ software and Mobile Apps, Atulyam hotelline visions to build a trust brand to sustain the grains of time.