Renzo Solutions Inc: Enabling The Management Of Key Hotel Operations With Simple And Reliable OS

CIO Vendor Hoteliers must understand and know the crucial need for technology solutions to be incorporated to their everyday working environment, so as to stay fit in such a competitive market. They should be able to assess, evaluate, recommend and acquire technology solutions to improve guests’ satisfaction, operational efficiencies, productivity, customer service and revenue. Digital technology is making its way into every aspect of the industry - hotel operations, guest services, communications, revenue management, distribution, CRM and marketing. In the context of Indian hospitality, market is still at its nascent stage; still over 75% hotels don’t have robust distribution and internal tools which can increase the efficiency and occupancy. This is where Renzo’s all-in-one simple mobile suite is aiding hoteliers in providing hassle free management of their hotels. They are providing hotels with simple hotel operating system to manage key hotel operations which stimulates the occupancy and efficiency of the hotels. Moreover, Renzo’s mobile OS creates a paperless environment for hotels by digitally storing all data, giving them more control over data and also allowing generation of immediate feedback.

“We have worked very hard to make the system simple so that our customers get full product value. We also have powered the hotel industry with app which can complete the check-in within 30 seconds. Moreover, Renzo’s SaaS model can supercharge the hotels with powerful systems to manage hotels and the distributions, which will be a game changer in this field,” highlights Rakesh Singh, Founder & CEO, Renzo Solutions Inc.

Digitizing the Whole Procurement Cycle
To manage the day-to-day expense and procurement of the items, Renzo’s inventory management system and expense management system tool has
completely digitized the whole procurement cycle, giving more grip on supply and accounts. It can digitally record mode of payment, expenses, edit or add entry, itemised expense for better clarity and much more. The main highlight of this product is that the system interacts so well with each other that the human resources required for managing these things significantly reduces, resulting in better efficiency.

We have worked very hard to make the system simple so that our customers get full product value. We also have powered the hotel industry with app which can complete the checkin within 30 seconds

Driving Retention of Guests through Review Management System
Rather than depending on third parties for hotel reviews, Renzo’s review management system can help hotels get 100% review immediately post check-out, which further aids hotels in taking actions much faster and improve their default areas. It not just facilitates internal feedback for the review of each guest, but also allows the generation of review link via email, SMS, messenger etc. and get immediate feedback. A good review drives retention and references, which brings more traffic of guests to a hotel and increase in revenue.

“We have a lot of new systems which are getting developed to empower hotels with more efficient management systems. Our ‘Launch a Hotel’ program will start soon, wherein small hotels can boost the hotels using Renzo’s systems at much lower cost. Moreover, we have recently expanded in North America and will kick-start expansion in Europe as well,” signs off Rakesh.