Microsense Networks: Offering Cutting Edge Technology For Hoteliers And Guests

CIO Vendor The scope of hospitality technology in India has drastically expanded in recent years. The facets of hotel industry have undergone a seismic shift to accommodate new technologies, which in turn has transformed the way hoteliers conduct their business today. Increasing demand for automated real-time optimized guest services such as Smart Room and next generation entertainment solutions is evolving along with secure and quality Wi-Fi access across the hotel premise.

Microsense Networks is helping hoteliers and guests adapt to this paradigm shift by enabling them to explore new avenues for adoption of technology. Sujit Singh, Executive Director at Microsense Networks says, “The major expectation from organizations is to evolve new offering to achieve guest satisfaction from the technology installed. Besides addressing the guest convenience, the technology should deliver value and help attain high guest scores resulting in improved loyalty. All our technologies offered provide great ease of use and high reliability, which delivers immense value.”

One Stop Solution Provider
Microsense is a Global Technology Company with presence in South Asia, Middle East and USA. It offers disruptive technologies in Data and Voice with a focus on intelligent TV/OTT solution, Room Automation Services for building Smart Hotel Rooms, High Speed Wireless Internet Access (HSIA) services and IoT operating systems. Keeping in line with the latest trends, their Room Management and Smart TV OTT solutions come with a Voice assistance. Being a class A ISP license holder, they comply with all statutory compliances as mandated by DOT and TRAI for internet services. Moreover, they do turnkey project on all active and passive networking components.

With over 30 years of experience among hoteliers, guests and in-room
technologies, Microsense today is a trusted technology partner of all major and leading Hotel chains in the world. They plug the gaps with latest technologies and in-house software development helps them deliver the customizable solutions and applications which fit best for the hotels to keep them ahead of the competition.

Microsense is a global technology company with presence in India, Middle East and USA. It’s core solutions are Wi-Fi, Internet, OTT Television, Smart Rooms and IoT operating systems

Not Just a TV but a bundle of Interactive Services
Not just new TVs, with the Microsense L3TV solution, hoteliers now have the ability to upgrade their non-smart TVs as well, to better accommodate today’s technologyenabled guests. They have come up with services like hotel welcome screen with hotel information, hotel services, an information portal that can be customized for weather or flight ETA/ETD information, etc. The L3TV solution further offers Real time folio/bill, Self checkout, Over The Top (OTT) Video contents, internet browsing, dining order and shopping of the hotel amenities. The guests can now watch content of their choice from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Youtube, etc. on the TV in their room for an enhanced experience. Guests would also be able to Cast the content from their other devices on to the TV like magic.

“One of our latest introduction is our revolutionary secure Wi-Fi. Secure Wi-Fi can be appealing to any WiFi user who stays in a hotel by which they can create their own secure password and connect to a secure wireless network instead of a conventional Hotel wireless network that typically allows access based on last name and room number of the guest which can be cracked. This has made major improvements in security, and hotels will be able to deliver a personalized and secure internet access to the guest,” concludes Sujit Singh.