Grabon: Building Strong Customer Base By Providing Authentic Coupons And Deals

CIO Vendor Gone are the days when affiliate marketing was considered an unreliable way of selling nutritional supplement. Today it has become a serious digital marketing strategy for companies across the globe. According to recent reports, the Affiliate E-Commerce market accounts for around 16 per cent of all e-commerce sales. Therefore, companies are looking for solution providers who would help them in promoting their products through authentic and updated coupons and deals. Perfectly understanding these requirements and endeavouring to meet them, is Hyderabad based coupons & deals marketplace, GrabOn - a trusted brand and pioneer in affiliate e-commerce business in the country. What differentiates the company from the rest of its competitors is authenticity, frequent validation of coupons, user-friendly interface and a seamless experience. “We prioritize client relationship above everything else as our satisfied clients help in sourcing better coupons and deals. We achieve this through our timely completion of deliverables, round the clock availability and dedicated service,” says Ashok Reddy, Founder & CEO, GrabOn. “All the affiliate networks and direct partners we work with experience a smooth transition and efficient turnaround time,” he adds. GrabOn’s strategic alliance with players across various verticals like aviation, BFSI, telecom and entertainment has helped the company provide exclusive offers specific to certain industries.

Maximum Impressions and Brand Awareness
GrabOn has always championed the cause of organic traffic since a major
chunk of the company’s audience comes from organic search, the audience that organizations would love to target. When it comes to working with the clients, the company ensures to rank in top positions for client related searches, bringing in genuine users and willing buyers. GrabOn’s massive footfall combined with the social media following ensures the clients’ web page gets maximum impressions, increasing brand awareness, ROI, value for money and audience reach.

Ready-Made Customer Base
Customer loyalty can’t be acquired in a day. It takes years to build a loyal customer base. GrabOn has invested a lot of time and money in building its customer base. The company focuses on providing value to its customers right from day one. Whenever GrabOn onboards a new client, it ensures that they receive a readymade customer base that is inclusive of trusted users. The company provides only genuine, handpicked coupons that are validated frequently. Further, GrabOn’s strategic alliances provide them unique avenues to place and promote the coupons and offers. This helps in building a strong customer base. GrabOn invests in the unique promotion of coupons, and in fact, it was the first in the industry to have a buzz notification feature, alerting users about the latest deals and price drops. Currently, the company is using its buzz notification feature in tandem with its app notifications as a unique promotion channel for the coupons.

Future Roadmap
After conquering the coupons and deals space and successfully venturing into the Gift Cards space, GrabOn aims to have a strong foothold in the customer loyalty space. Moving forward, the team is in the process of building a consolidated loyalty program comprising the best offers and deals for various business verticals such as entertainment, food, travel etc.