Gourmet Sage: Uplifting Food And Beverage Service Providers

CIO Vendor India’s changing demographics, increase in disposable income, growing urbanization, internet penetration and proliferation of online services have been contributing significantly to the growth of food service sector, which further contributes to the economy of the country by creating jobs. Both the organized and unorganized sectors have shown noticeable growth in the past few years. Restaurants and food joints are turning into socializing platforms for the people, providing market for many entrepreneurs to explore and flourish in. However, there are a lot of factors that need to be dealt with before starting a new restaurant, ranging from deciding the restaurant concept and design, menu engineering, hiring and staffing, branding, budgeting and many more. Many restaurants fail in their initial stage due to lack of strategy and idea about the aforementioned aspects. The ever-growing competition is demanding excellence in order to thrive in the market.

This is where Gourmet Sage, working with a network of creative architects, designers and chefs who come with decades of experience is uplifting restaurants and other food and beverage service providers to their optimum point, providing a solution from the ground up right from the formative stage by aiding restaurants in branding, hiring and training, designing menu and kitchen layouts, restaurant designing, budget and finance planning and also providing social media marketing. Post formative stage (expansion stage), Gourmet Sage provides insights into the changes made in the menu, branding, concept, and interior design. The expansion stage also sees through the formulation of pricing structure, events, budgeting, food safety, hygiene and also trains the management team, which improves the overall experience of the restaurants. “The fact that we go through every tiny aspect phase by phase, focused on details, versatile and quality-driven, and work with a vast network of trusted and seasoned professional partners sets us apart from the others in the industry,” adds Rajesh Kumar, Founder & Principal Consultant, Gourmet Sage Hospitality Solutions.
Applying Science to the Entire Kitchen Operations
Using ergonomics study to build up kitchen efficiency and ease of work, Gourmet Sage further assists restaurants by choosing the correct equipment based on the menu, managing optimum space by getting the layout and placements rights for an un-interrupted work-flow; every tiny detail is paid attention to, so as to meet the primary efficiency. For instance, for one of the client’s loss making outlet in Chennai they have brought down the operational expenses by 7.4 %, helping the outlet reach the operational break-even point.

The fact that we go through every tiny aspect phase by phase, focused on details, versatile and quality driven, and work with vast network of trusted and seasoned professional partners sets us apart from the others in the industry

Customizing Solutions for Potential Revenue from Home Delivery Channels
With the penetration of internet, there has been massive increase in the revenue of the restaurants through online food ordering and delivery service apps. Considering this right from the conceptualization stage, Gourmet Sage customizes solutions for – infrastructure, design, software integration, optimum staffing, eco-friendly packaging options for maximum output to restaurants’ operators, keeping in view of providing seamless experience to the customers.

“We are currently working on numerous projects ranging from modern all day dining bistro, gastropub, gaming cafe, Mediterranean, Asian food trucks, to designing the entire F&B space for a 100 rooms resort in South India. There are also numerous new concepts of F&B outlets in India and abroad in the pipeline that we are enthusiastic about,” concludes Rajesh.