FCS: Empowering Hotels Through 360-Degree Automation

CIO Vendor In recent times, introduction of technology in hospitality sector has brought about a multitude of benefits. The increasing use of technology is driving higher productivity, with hotels letting their doors open to new technologies for a holistic redefinition of service and hospitality. However, the technology adoption must be aligned with the ultimate business objectives of hotels i.e lowering the costs, improving staff efficiency, and increasing guest satisfaction.

FCS, a Singapore headquartered company with a vast global presence, including a sales and operations office in India, enables hotels to achieve these objectives by automating the tasks of hotel staff through its 360-degree solution. “Every hotel has its own demands. Just as it is important to build your product to best serve the segment hotel would cater to, it is equally important to understand the level of technology a hotel wants to bring in,” opines Pascale Chatelain, Vice-President Global Sales, Marketing & Channels, FCS. The company has positioned itself to become ‘one-stop’ software solution provider for most of the requirements inside a hotel which includes guest request management systems, engineering & asset management, housekeeping and core operational solutions. The solutions provide hotel chains with a birds-eye view of each hotel’s operations, encouraging quality assurance and checks.

Strong Focus on Research and Development
Having a strong foothold globally and across India, the USP of FCS lies in the fact that it has a strong base of in-house developers and a large product team dedicated to research and development. It allows FCS to follow a strict process wherein a dedicated product management team engages in rigorous interactions with regional teams in order to identify the market needs faster than others.

When it comes to after-sales service, FCS stands out again owing to its
global presence with an extensive network of offices providing 24/7 support. The company also has Customer Success Managers in different regions, who engage with the clients on a personal level and make sure that the implementations are done as per the client’s business requirements and expectations.

Having a strong foothold globally and across India, the USP of FCS lies in the fact that it has a strong base of in-house developers and a large product team dedicated to research and development

Automating Housekeeping Operations
For a hotel, technology would mean anything which increases the productivity of the staff, offering quicker platforms of guest engagement and ensuring timely delivery of service. The housekeeping solution segment of FCS is a multi-faceted application. It comprises several key features like multi-language support, scheduling, auto-assignment of jobs, and mobile app for room attendants and supervisors. Users can configure room assignment rules and conditions-based logic to help ensure that cleaning assignments are automatically allocated to the most appropriate staff member. Whereas, the head of department can manage staff members according to the floors or areas assigned. The solution also assists supervisors with room inspections and recording inspection procedures. Last but not least, it offers room inspection and productivity metrices to help managers and staff track task progress.

Striving to equip hotels with the capability to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern traveller, FCS is constantly working on enhancing its product and service offering. In India, FCS has recently signed a contract with a major chain of shopping malls while further building on its track record of serving hotels having 10 to 7000 rooms.