Estandardz: Providing A 360 Degree Technology And Data Oriented Consultancy To Hospitality Sector

CIO Vendor Hotels and hospitality organizations, now-a-days, are struggling to grow; the most common reason being the lack of innovation in their day-to day operations. Increasingly, the sector is looking for the loopholes and embracing digital methods and technologies to generate leads and bring fresh perspective. It is at this point when hospitality consulting firms come into picture to bring the much-needed expertise to break the status quo. A recent survey has highlighted the need of hospitality consulting firms in the industry. Consulting in this sector boosted the efficiency of hospitality products by nearly 72 percent. One of such premium hospitality consultancy firms in New Delhi is Estandardz that brings a new vigour and concept to its clients. As the hospitality sector is getting more and more global, the need to provide personalised interactions and experiences are also rising. Hotels are increasing their search of providing the most apt service to suit each demographic group’s personality traits and habits.

Being a 360-degree solution provider for the hospitality business, Estandardz has positioned itself as a one-stopconsultancy for the sector. The company working on a unique concept of providing all the services required for a hospitality product from concept plan to opening and operations under one roof. The company has acquired an impressive portfolio with unique F&B startups in India. The core competencies of this consulting firm lies in concept development, interior design, facility planning, kitchen and bar design, menu development & engineering, staffing & training, equipment sourcing, creating customized SOPs & manuals, restaurant accounting, F&B controls, branding and communication strategy. With a customer-oriented approach to hospitality consultancy services and facility design, Estandardz strives to guide
the client in achieving a profitable, sustainable and costefficient business enterprise. The estandardz deals with all the core verticals of hospitality industry from Design to Execution, Procurement, F&B and Operations headed by its dynamic core team members Rahul Jadon, Rahul Kardam, Suraj, Chef Rajeev and Abhishek respectively and supported by the team of experienced industry experts and advisors.

“Hospitality Business is all about providing a complete experience, in all its tangibilities and intangibilities, which cannot be done without taking a series of correct and coeherent decisions. And one cannot make decisions without failures. What we endeavour to do is evolve with the failures and turn them to successes,” states, Rahul Jadon, Co-Founder, Estandardz.

The company stresses on creating the new business concepts based on the data studies having more than 50 parameters including location, infrastructure, consumer profile, demand generators, parallel magnets and many other primary studies. Depending on the restaurant concept and chosen format, Estandardz creates the overall budgeting with specifications, and comes with the final CAPEX and the OPEX sheets based on prudent assumptions. This enables the promoter to understand the budget, stage-wise requirement of funds flow for a swift and smooth evolution of the project till launch date and for unencumbered operations for the first six months to a year. A P&L sheet for 3 years is prepared based on sales assumptions with ROI indications.

Estandardz has established itself as a prominent partner and a solution provider in less than two years. Its impressive clientele includes GMR group, PindBalluchi, Salad Days, YumBox, Roadhouse Hostels, etc. The projects Bullet Adda, Café Grid &Godown, The TeraiCafé and Restaurant, The Cloves- Café and Restaurant and COG- Bistro and Lounge and The Cocoon Resort have received positive responses from the visitors. Its upcoming hospitality projects include Cafes and Restaurants, Lounges and Bar, Resorts, Banquets and Clubs in various parts of India. Some of them are Lucknow Golf Club, Utsav, Kokees etc.