Webaxyz IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd.: Application Programming Integration

CIO Vendor The company prides itself on delivering quality projects timely to its clients. It does not compromise on the usability of the application codes. The company’s application development team avoids writing generic codes that would become unnecessarily complex and be rendered useless. Talking about the quality of the application, Bharani Mohanraj Dharan, Managing Director of the company, sheds light on its application development mechanism. He says, “Every company we work for, we write a fresh line of code. And that makes us distinct from other competitors.”
With its travel ERP solution, the company provides integration in business operations, eliminating silos of isolated activities and standardizing the whole process for travel agents as well as companies. The company’s mobile application offers multiple APIs, bringing all the necessary content for travelers at one place. To name a few, the application has API integration for flights, GDS, hotels, holidays, Cruise etc. It also includes corporate booking tools, self booking tools, and online booking tools. Considering distinct business goals of different clients, the company offers custom-made updates to suit the specific business requirements.

Mobile Applications with end-to-end Advantage for Travel Business
The smart phone revolution paved a way for businesses to capitalize on the internet connectivity to easily reach out to their target consumer base. However, appealing to the need and preferences of that consumer base is what determines the success of any business application. Travel industry is one of the sectors that has a huge customer base with significant percentage of consumers using mobile applications for each of their travelling needs. The industry hugely relies on mobile application developers to devise applications that would precisely meet their business objectives efficiently. Working in this direction is Webaxyz, an Information Technology company, developing mobile applications with end-to-end advantage for travel businesses.
Application Framework
Webaxyz doesn’t build native application which is time taking and tedious; it develops hybrid applications that can run on iOS, Android and Windows platform. “Hybrid application consumes less time for development and gives cost benefit to the client,” says Dharan. The company is ever ready to deploy software solution to its clientele without delay, given its application centre console. As per the customer’s requirement, the company builds application on the existing console and changes only the front-end scripting for UI/UX. The company does not overcharge its customers for the quality services it deploys. Along with providing cost benefit to the customers, it also provides immediate customer support services addressing their technical queries. According to Dharan, the company’s policy on customer satisfaction has helped them acquire more projects from clients.

With its travel ERP solution, the company provides integration in business operations eliminating silos of isolated activities and standardizing the whole process for travel agents as well as companies

Future Prospects
With its dedicated and exclusive team already in charge of separate application development segments, the company is mulling over having a research and development department to assist in bringing innovation in application development procedure. Currently, Webaxyz, for one of its clients, is deploying its application development services for complete corporate booking tools. The company is looking forward to South East Asian market for further expansion and also plans to deploy a lot of projects related to travel and technology.