Tralgy - Emancipating Travel Agents with B2B Platform in Digital Tourism

CIO Vendor After 20 or 30 years in the business, a travel agent gains connections to arrange for side trips, special passes, and upgrades that are not available to the new travel agents. With a big shift in customer behavior from what it was a few years back, now a traveler today has multiple options. Even though the majority of the travel industry has shifted to operate online, yet a lookout for anew travel agent is always on, who can buy and sell any travel packages. Tralgy-a Bangalore based company is racking up for unifying travel agents across the world, to increase ease of business, develop visibility and to empower travel agents with technology. Tralgy is committed in empowering travel agents globally by bringing in much-needed visibility and exposure through innovatively built software solutions. At Tralgy we have itinerary management, a B2B platform to help travel agents grow their business. Tralgy’s Itinerary Management, B2B Window, Branding and Customer Service, Analytics and a profit-sharing model with the sellers are enabling the travel agents with Information Technology, thereby promoting ‘Digital Tourism’.

Inceptive B2B market Place
Consider a destination Management company- the last step of customer interaction, having hotel tie-ups, while performing the final execution of the itinerary, facing geographic and resource constraints. The destination Management Company experiences limited transparency due to the above-mentioned factors. Tralgy offers them a platform wherein the travel companies can design their own world-class itinerary after joining as a seller. To be a seller on this platform one has to be government registered, must have experience of 2 years and a GSTIN or tax identification from respective country. Tralgy has SaaS module, software for designing itineraries that are informative, interactive and aesthetic, consuming a 5 minutes execution time, directly going to the company’s B2B platform. Tralgy does the marketing and branding of the platform wherein the travel agent sitting in far off areas receive information of their packages being sold on Tralgy. The platform is a direct B2B bridge connecting buyers and sellers. This B2B platform informs the travel agents about the number of customers viewing or viewed the costs and the itinerary page.
All these are proffered by an AI that streamlines the similar itineraries in the B2B marketplace where the sellers have entered their cost. This displays same 20 packages on Tralgy platform with a similar price range encouraging a healthy competition. This B2B platform builds an ecosystem for buyers where they are HAPPY TO BUY and JOY TO SELL.

Tralgy is racking up for unifying travel agents across the world, to increase ease of business, develop visibility and to empower travel agents with technology

The company has empowered numerous small ventures with its services and products. The prominence of its service is best understood when the B2B platform of Tralgy enabled an 8-year-old company to spearhead its growth, resulting in expanded visibility and seamless management of resources. This empowerment gave the requisite power to that company to manage 5000 travel agents. From the perspective of buyers, Tralgy provides best services at best cost where the whole system is updated enabling instant follow-ups. Moreover, Tralgy software streamlines payment processes with all updates. The most crucial factor is that Tralgy does not accept any commission-since the company works on a profit-sharing basis. Once the booking comes part of the job is done by the seller and part done by Tralgy. Hence, the company shares profit with nominal commission structure using profit-sharing modules with the sellers.

E-commerce to T-commerce
Tralgy wants to introduce travel commerce to the world. The Tralgy app and the platform are into the betterment of traveling experience providing a local support instantaneously anywhere needed.The company is vying to mark an edge in the market by collaborating with investors which are NASSCOM certified companies. This would be the advent of creating a virtual design where a travel agent helps customers in selecting the itinerary as per their requirements. Customers won’t be just satisfied with the service and cost but will identify the experience that Tralgy offers. The company is building a platform which is beyond the boundaries of language and the countries.