Octal Frames Technologies Transforming the Aviation Industry to Bring About Customer-Centricity

CIO Vendor Aviation sector is increasingly harnessing the power of some of the latest technologies to transform into a more customer-centric industry, and artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the dominant forces towards the achievement of this goal. “As much as airlines wanted to delight customers, there were several challenges due to the limitations in technology. With the advent of AI and related technologies, they have now gained the competency to understand customers. AI’s impact on operational efficiency and ancillary revenue within aviation is equally powerful,” believes Octal team.

Based out of Bengaluru, Octal Frames Technologies is driving the growth of aviation industry with the mission to take passenger experience to the next level of excellence. Positioned as a new-age agile travel technology and consulting company, Octal engages customers/passengers right from the inception of a travel lifecycle. Be it the selection of tickets, or assistance during and after the trip, Octal is omnipresent. “We are at the forefront, delivering to the passengers’ demands. We are a platform that connects all the disparate systems in a travel lifecycle and transforms it into a complete experience,” shares Octal team.

Octal Frames team is led by Shadakshari Swamy, Director - Product Management and Trupti Ranjan Swain, Co-Founder & Director - Technology under the guidance of R N Moorthy, Chief Mentor. Shadakshari Swamy and Trupti Ranjan Swain have worked for Amadeus IT Group in the past and R N Moorthy is a veteran IT professional with varied industry exposure in Airlines, Express Logistics, Automobile Ancillary Manufacturing and Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Intelligent Mobility Solutions
In alignment with its mission, Octal team has developed three intelligent mobility solutions - Octa Air, Octa VA, and Octa Port. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Octa Air is a highly userfriendly application that enables passengers to manage trips throughout its lifecycle. Passengers can leverage the platform to search for and book flight tickets, collect boarding pass, receive notifications about changes in the flight plan, and much more; all within a few clicks. Octal has further designed the solution to enable airlines’ with the opportunity to enhance their revenues by launching campaigns and up-selling ancillary supplies. Octal’s Octa VA brings in the ability to deliver up to 30% savings on call centre expenses. Designed to provide assistance to the customers, the chatbot helps passengers at every step, enabling them to navigate through the various airline processes. Octa Port is Octal’s yet another offering for the aviation industry. Touted as an ‘appless’ application, the solution enables airports to drive non-aeronautic revenues, through food courts, retail joints, etc. while making a passengers’ experience truly delightful.

High Integration Capabilities
The solutions developed by Octal Frames have been designed specifically for the aviation industry and they are extremely lightweight solutions that operate without much data consumption. Moreover, each solution is characterised by high integration abilities, as a result of which neither passengers nor airlines are required to make any changes to their existing systems. Machine learning and artificial intelligence further facilitate the industry with customer insights at every step that in turn helps design more personalised experiences. The company has also developed its very own algorithms that enable players in the segment to strike the right chord with the passenger. Currently, Octal is focusing on developing additional plugins and strengthening the solutions for faster deployments.