HK Infoware - Tailor-made Assistance to Help Small and Medium Scale Hotels Grow

CIO Vendor The proliferation of online travel aggregators has led consumers to rely on digital channel and platforms for making their travel arrangements. Riding this new wave is Kolkata headquartered HK Infoware Limited (HKIL) that offers customized windows-based desktop applications for small and medium scale hotels and restaurants. HKIL moved to the banking application sector in the mid 90’s. When the company returned to test its expertise in software product development, the company decided to come up with a simple, secure and scalable application and branded it as HKSTAR that supports the overall hotel business from budget to 3star segment.

With over 28 years of experience in software product development, HK Infoware has been assisting organizations across sectors to begin their journey towards achieving their core business objectives. In 1988, the company introduced a chip-based back-office automation solution (BANCAL) that proved to be a path breaking product for banking industry. HK Infoware acquired a project with Siliguri Metropolitan police Commissionerate and the Hotel association under the Siliguri Metropolitan Police Commissionerate circuit West Bengal. The team built Guest Tracking Systems that enabled authority to access real time data on the guest lodging in the hotels under their zone.

An Application to Keep the Hotel Sorted
Every quality hotel in operation is host to a comfortable bed, high-quality amenities and fast internet connection. In order to, help hotels keep a check on the basic requirements for better experiences for guests, HKIL avail such hotels an application that helps them run their business seamlessly and also capture relevant data that produces vital business reports for making informed decisions for property owners and managers.
The package is available as an integrated solution or as individual/independent modules. As explained by Harish Krishnan, Director, HKIL, HKstar as an application has two approaches-modular specific and integrated solution. The modular approach was envisaged to mitigate the complexities of an unorganized market, while a more modular approach can anchor best practices into the system seamlessly. The modular approach is an introduction towards keeping the data relevant to the business in an organized manner, thereby equipping the hotel owners/ Mangers for better operational efficiency and informed decision making. This also paves the way for integrating other modules into their operations seamlessly.

HKIL avail such hotels an application that helps them run their business seamlessly and also capture relevant data that produces vital business reports

“The market segment that we operate is largely unorganized. Therefore we are taking cautious steps to keep the sanctity of our application intact, while addressing the nuances of the market”, mentions Harish. One of the persistent problems in the segment that HKIL currently operates in, is the lack of skilled manpower. More so, implementation and training is the toughest challenge.

Therefore, the HK Infoware team has devised user friendly methods for training to maintain simplicity and equip hotels to get active with operations within a time period of 3-4 days. Showing sharp tendency to take over the eastern and north eastern region, HK Infoware is looking forward to convert their market leads into strong sustainable business growth in the future.