Enhancing Guest Engagement with Mobile Texting Solution

Parag Arora, CTO and Co-Founder
Better delivery of services to enhance the guest experience creates a strong value proposition for hotel businesses. The hospitality sector’s prime area of concern focuses around the overall guest experience during the stay at a property. To provide a unique experience and to retain guest loyalty, hospitality businesses are ever-looking for more ways aimed at creating a sense of inclusiveness and homely comfort during the guests’ stay at the property. However, one of the common problems guests face is requesting for services during their hotel stay due to Communication barriers owing to factors like language, reluctance to talk, inability to easily connect with a staff member, etc.

Working in this direction to resolve communication barriers is, a leading software as a service solution provider for the hospitality sector. enables effective, in-the-moment mobile communication through text messaging by establishing easy connectivity between guests and hotel staffs without the hurdles of language or messaging applications. Guests can use their existing applications on their phones to communicate with hotel staff in their own native language. believes seamless guest chatting will increase the quality of and overall guest engagement between the hotel and their guests. Explaining the value of enhanced guest engagement through chatting service, Parag Arora, CTO and Co-Founder of, says, “To retain guest’s loyalty in the growing competitive landscape in hospitality, a business must increase its efforts around guest engagement. Connecting with guests through texting applications in their native language creates more personalized experiences for them. It also provides convenient ways for guests to share and connect with hotel staff. This texting solution
is aimed at providing ease of communication for guests and adding more value to their experience.” has been specifically designed as a unified and intelligent messaging solution for the hospitality Industry, and specifically for luxury and resort brands. The software is able to support multiple channels and units, like web, e-mail, messaging on a single platform. It incorporates AI/NLP features to assist hospitality businesses with bot and native human-assisted AI architecture.

" Enabling customer communications using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is going to redefine relations between guests and hotels"

The company’s solution brings coordination among different departments within the hotel, creating more operational efficiency. And, since the software solution is hosted in the cloud, IT infrastructure costs are saved. Cloud deployment ensures cost efficiency and timely and easy upgrades in the software. Adding the benefit of scaling, Arora says, “Seasonal scaling of servers during high volumes of guest messaging is also easily possible via cloud based solutions.”

The system keeps a track record of each guests’ stay and preferences, aimed at providing better personalized experience every time. These records are collected in company’s global guest profile and shared with approved list of hotels. Clearing the apprehension around data security of guests records, Arora assures that the company has gone through GDPR compliances for guest profile security.’ aims at deploying cutting edge technology in the hospitality sector to increase efficiency for better guest engagement and experience. The company is working on its machine learning infrastructure very aggressively. Talking about the future prospects of incorporating state of-art technology in its solution, Arora says, “Enabling customer communications using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is going to redefine relations between guests and hotels. The responsibility lies in the hands of technologists like us to create a future which is delightful for guests as well as staff while communicating. And where we are beginning is with messaging.”