De Box: Automating End-To-End Operations of Travel Agencies

CIO Vendor The travel industry demands solutions that are cost-effective, innovative and comprehensive. Although the solutions present in the market today are technologically advanced, they are either expensive or incomprehensive. Acknowledging these challenges, Noida headquartered De Box has built a comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective travel solution - travCRM that automates the end-to-end operations of travel agencies. This product is designed specifically for TMCs (Travel Management Companies) and DMCs (Destination Management Companies). Timely responses to customer queries are crucial aspects of achieving success in service-oriented industries. The Query tracker of travCRM tracks online queries, auto-generates query IDs, and assigns them to respective destination experts for timely responses. The auto-read mail option captures the communications in the CRM without any manual intervention.

As building quotations for agencies with multidestination itinerary is time-consuming, the Quotation Builder feature of travCRM creates multi-destination quotations within minutes with options such as uploading the contracting rates of hotels, sightseeing and the transfer rate sheet. While travel itineraries are essential for managing time and expenditures efficiently, the travCRM’s Itinerary Builder creates detailed itineraries in minutes and defines costs of hotels and flights for a hassle-free vacation.

The Invoice and voucher generation feature provides a faultless billing solution in addition to the various options present such as tracking the agents’ invoice payment, auto capturing of booking details and generating the Performa and tax invoices. When it comes to lead and sales management, travCRM helps with a feature for real-time sales person location tracking. It also manages multiple leads, captures calls and monitors sales performance. The prerequisite for running a successful business is the efficient monitoring of business performance which can be achieved with the Reports and Dashboard sections of travCRM.
The Dashboard displays details of the daily query summary, monthly sales report, daily tasks and follow-ups along with the top ten agents’ information and most selling destination lists. The Reports section displays the lead and sales, quotation, tour, user and customer reports.

The Travel Agent/Corporate Management feature enables the addition or modification of multiple travel agent details. The business agreements with other important documents can also be uploaded with the help of this feature. In addition to these, the travCRM has features such as the Payment Request, Document, Complaint, B2C and User Management. Trust, ethics, taking ownership, exceeding customer expectations and providing quality products and services are the differentiating factors of De Box. travCRM has been awarded the best travel CRM product by the north India Travel Awards. “The word De Box in Latin means “out of the box”, and to think out of the box and provide similar solutions, you need to have a good understanding and idea of what is happening in all other industries as well,” affirms Syed Asim, Director, De Box.

travCRM automates the end-to-end operations of travel agencies. This product is designed specifically for TMCs (Travel Management Companies) and DMCs (Destination Management Companies)

The De Box team has more than 20 years of experience in software development, product management and business consultancy sectors. The senior management has experienced members from various industries like the travel, finance, technology, telecom, FMCG and branding and marketing industries. Service providers from different countries have approached De Box, which has made them take initiatives to provide localized services and products.