Dani Data Systems: Strengthening the Supply Chain with Complete RFID Solutions

CIO Vendor A long with its ability to help locate, track, and monitor objects, the cost efficiency of RFID (Radio-frequency identification) products is a prime factor that has significantly contributed to the technology’s demand. In fact, in a price sensitive market such as India where a number of organizations are unaware of the potential of RFID, cost-efficiency is the sole factor driving its adoption. Pune headquartered Dani Data Systems (DDS) is a dominant player in the RFID market which also attempts to fill in the gap for RFID expertise and add to the knowledge bank of customers in the process of provisioning them with cutting-edge RFID solutions.
Incorporated in 2003, DDS is a registered MSME, ISO 9000 company and one of the firsts in the Indian business ecosystem to manufacture NFC devices. Responding to how DDS is overcoming the challenges around ill-informed customers, Minal Dani, Director- DDS says, “It can be quite challenging to promote a technology but we have always tried to educate customers. Many times, we do a proof-of-concept before implementing projects. This way we have been breaking through the barriers and implementing RFID successfully.”
DDS’s RFID solutions have been widely implemented for asset tracking, especially in breweries where it is used to automate the process of tracking and managing kegs as they travel through the supply chain. Customers are enabled with complete visibility into the status of the kegs- if they are empty, full, lying idle or even missing. Not just breweries but for warehouse, jewellery vendors, medicals facilities, and many more industries, tagging objects with RFID tags enables clients to locate objects without investing several man-hours. DDS’s RFID technology has also been enhancing the security of students by ensuring that children board the right school bus.
At a time when bus accidents are high and school picnics and excursions raise safety concerns around children, DDS’s RFID technologies’ ability to identify children becomes all the more critical. Being portable, the company’s RFID readers are easy to handle and use. DDS also provides an RFID-powered Guard Tour Monitoring device. This is a customizable system which enables guards to record events and detect maintenance requirements, irregularity or strangeness within the designated perimeters. Through the system, guards are also empowered to send messages to the concerned authorities. Clients are also facilitated with the information on the time and area the guard surveyed.

DDS stands as a leading indigenous manufacturer of RFID and NFC software and hardware, with customers ranging from system integrators to valueadded resellers and more

Today, DDS stands as a leading indigenous manufacturer of RFID and NFC software and hardware, with customers ranging from system integrators to value-added resellers and more. Recently, the company launched an NFC dongle- a first of its kind in India, which equips Android phones with RFID functionalities. A cost-effective solution, this DDS’ product facilitates users with cashless payments, asset tracking, mobile attendance etc. Other solutions include RFID desktop reader and elevator access control reader. The solutions developed by DDS cater to specific client requirements and are topped off with dedicated customer support services. Moving ahead, the company will continue meeting the requirement for RFID expertise while familiarizing the market with its potential.