QiK Circle: Re-Engineering the Hospitality Experience with Server and Cloud-based Solutions

Tubby Kapur, CEO and Co-Founder
While advancing technologies are disrupting the hospitality industry with a plethora of benefits like saving time and money, improving customer satisfaction, attracting new customers and giving a competitive advantage in this market, it is still in its nascent stage. Hotels are on the lookout for solution providers that offer integrated software that merges all departments, on the cloud for increased accessibility, easy deployment, and training that ensures optimized automation that drives better management at an economic cost. With a futuristic approach towards completely revamping the hospitality industry, Delhi headquartered QiK Rooms Pvt. Ltd. provides novel and flagship product - QiK Circle ARMS, a full Asset and Resource Management Solution, designed to drive the hospitality industry's efficiencies and cost controls. Tubby Kapur, CEO, and Co-Founder says, “QiK Circle ARMS was built from working with Hoteliers and their demands and issues for better customer experience were the main focus of our Technology Development Team. We provide a seamless solution for managing the smallest to largest hotels in the world.”

Superior to existing legacy property management systems, the solution encompasses a host of unique features with built-in AI making the platform more insightful and offers a behavioral analysis of customers thereby, delivering a more personalized experience with a positive impact on the operational dynamics of the hotel. With
built-in intelligence, QiK Circle promises the solution to be cost effective, revealing that the hotel will be able to cut its overall costs by about 25 to 30 percent. The cloud-based application offers a pay-as-you-use model that syncs the data to the cloud and is available to stakeholders across different geographies even though the application is deployed at the customer’s premise and works without internet. “Moreover, the cloud application will even work online as well as in offline mode which is an extraordinary feature that is provided to our customers,” adds Tubby. Additionally, it provides reports and assists employees with real-time updates facilitated by the auto task management system through its interconnected iOS and Android applications, accessible to all the management layers/ GM/ owner apps. The solution is equipped with proper time management for every task empowering employees to complete the assigned job in an efficient manner. Furthermore, the team has added I-HUB, Inventory Hub, which is a unique control center with real time task updating feature and offers a holistic view of the entire hotel operations onto a single panel. “We believe that our product should enable our clients to have control over the settings and configurations so that they would require minimum support from our team,” expresses Tubby.

" QiK Circle was built working with Hoteliers and thus their demands and issues for better customer experience were the main focus of our Technology
Development Team."

Continually endeavoring to bring in value addition to its customers by leveraging the latest technologies, QiK Circle is led by IITians and senior hotel industry experts. In conjunction with this, the company is going to incorporate advanced features of machine learning and data analysis to make the guest stay an unforgettable experience. The company also envisions on integrating Intelligent Voice Assistant for the guests to place their order which will be transferred to the relevant department in no-time.