The Role Of Cloud Based Software In Property Management

Ashish Bhatia – VP Operations, VITS Hotels And Rajkiran Tanwar – Revenue Manager, VITS Hotels | Friday, 16 August 2019, 13:29 IST

Ashish Bhatia – VP Operations, VITS Hotels And Rajkiran Tanwar – Revenue Manager, VITS HotelsSeamless integration of Cloud based software through channel managers to OTAs makes inventory management seamless and in real-time. It is also eliminating rate discrepancies across OTAs by monitoring and controlling rates throughout. Cloud based software is also enabling businesses in providing quality service to existing customers, especially for chain of hotels where guest history is analyzed and the information is readily available to provide above the expected level of service and achieve high rate of guest satisfaction through the brand. The future of Cloud based system is through mobile apps and making the control over the rates and inventory much easier.

Cloud based software offers a way to centralize the management system without the bulk and tech requirements of a conventional property management system. A cloud system does not crash if your hardware lags and the maintenance and setup charges are also negligible compared to having an on-premise software system.

Also having your PMS directly integrated with your channel manager allows all the more reservations atomization and also real-time management of your inventory allocation with the OTA partners. This helps to prevent any overbooking and to also check your occupancy levels and make pricing decisions in real-time. Making pricing decisions has been much easier with all the data being crunched in a Cloud based software which is directly integrated with your channel manager. You can also view your daily KPIs for each day, compare it with your past production and make the right decisions for every price point, for each of your market segments. Forecasting has also been made more easier along with generation of reports on a regular basis and daily audits which can be accessed from anywhere in the world in real-time, which in turn has made all the operational related and revenue management decisions much more easier and convenient. Revenue Managers can now rely on a single dashboard in their cloud based PMS to evaluate the performance of their hotel and accountants can also rely on the same for their account posting, cash receivables and outstanding notes. All in all, a cloud based PMS has many advantages over conventional PMS.

Coming to chain hotels wherein many guests are brand loyal and recurring customers; a hotel can track their recurring guests and also ensure special discounts on F&B, Laundry and other value added offers for such customers to ensure that these guests stay pleased and loyal to their brand. As foreseen by some experts, we hope that Cloud Based PMS acquires a mobile interface as technology advances and we start relying more on mobile based technology. This is a very practical foresight which will change the way we operate and manage a Hotel. Mobile based technology will also include easier guest feedback mode, the same feedbacks coming from guests’ mobiles can then give insights into where the hotel needs development in terms of their operations. Imagine a feedback link being sent from a Cloud PMS to every guest that checks-out and once these feedbacks have been given by the guests, they are fed into the PMS and you can also view your property’s feedback rating, guest satisfaction and overall hotel’s hospitality operational performance. This can create an effective Reputation management structure.

Moving to Cloud based PMS has reduced the dependency on manpower and thereby reduced manual errors. Also, the hotel benefits from their staff getting ample time to focus more on their guests and also simplify their reservations, improve operational efficiency and maximize revenue.

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